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About CIDC

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    The Cornell Institute for Digital Collections is a recently-formed program responsible for developing digital resources, supporting their use campus-wide, and conducting applied research that advances the production and utility of such resources. The successor to the Digital Access Coalition, the Institute will continue the Coalition’s initiatives in developing shared digital collections of visual and textual resources drawn from across the campus, as well as enhancing those resources for classroom instruction. In an area of rapidly growing educational attention CIDC contributes a unique combination of curatorial, instructional, research, and managerial concerns.

    Program Goals

    The Institute will provide the requisite expertise and technical environment to achieve the following goals:

    1. Create and maintain digital resources representing the content of Cornell University collections.
    2. Foster the incorporation of these new resources into the classroom, laboratory, studio, and dormitory. 
    3. Conduct applied research into the use and utility of digital technology to archive important cultural resources.
    4. Educate and train in the use of digital image conversion, classroom instruction, networked access, and electronic publishing.
    5. Investigate new models for administering access and use of digital collections in a non-exclusive, not-for-profit manner.
    6. Collaborate with other universities, corporations, foundations, countries, and standards organizations.
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