In January 2005, the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections was incorporated into the division of the Digital Library and Information Technologies. The digital collections created by the CIDC have been transferred to the curatorial responsibility of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections. For questions in regard to the Cornell University Library's digitization program, please contact

Mission Statement

The Cornell Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC) was established on September 1, 1997. Its mission is to explore the use of emerging technologies to expand access to cultural and scientific sources and to support the use of these resources on campus and globally through the development and management of distinctive digital collections. This mission is being realized through academic, corporate, and public partnerships, national and international. In this critical area of educational and public concern, CIDC is contributing a unique combination of curatorial, instructional, research, and managerial expertise.

CIDC Program Goals

Operating within Cornell University's academic community, CIDC has the expertise to use emerging technologies in creating virtual collections of materials that are often unique and seldom available outside of libraries and museums. Developing new uses for these versatile collections and providing wider access to them is transforming teaching, learning, and research. Even more universal is the capability of digital collections to connect people to the cultural and scientific riches of our global heritage. CIDC has identified specific goals and initiated a variety of projects exploring the use of digital resources.

CIDC Program Goals:

  1. Create and Maintain Digital Resources

  2. Incorporate Digital Collections into the Classroom, Laboratory, Studio and Home

  3. Conduct Applied Research into the Cultural and Scientific Utility of Digital Collections

  4. Educate and Train People in the Use of Digital Imaging Technologies

  5. Investigate New Models for the Use of Digital Collections

  6. Cooperate Internationally in the Development of Digital Resources

image collage"CIDC is opening up a world of valuable resources that enriches our understanding of human society and aspiration. The ability to access and interact with these treasures invigorates all who use them with a passionate love of discovery and learning."
-Don Randel, Cornell University Provost



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Image Collections & Projects 
-Ancient Art and Architecture, Licensed from Saskia, Ltd.
-Andrew Dickson White Collection of Architectural Photographs
-Contemporary African Artists DB
-Cornell University Collection of Political Americana
-Death of the Father
-Digital Himalaya
-The Fantastic in Art and Fiction
-The Frick Project
-Louis Agassiz Fuertes
-Luna Insight
-Icelandic and Faroese Photographs of Frederick W. W. Howell
-Invention & Enterprise: Ezra Cornell
-Making of America I
-Making of America II
-MESL Project
-Museum Online
-Projecting America
-Project Harvest
-Rome Photo Collection in collaboration with the CU Fine Arts Library (Cornell University Access Only Site)
-Saganet Project
-Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection
-Utopia Project
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